Special care

Sale -20%

SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir (For Keratin Protection)

US$ 17.55
US$ 22.10
A leave-in hair treatment for conditioning, styling & finishing
Sale -5%

Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask 230g

US$ 11.05
US$ 11.70
A moisturizing, strengthening & repairing hair mask for dry, damaged & color/perm-treated hair Formulated with royal jelly EX, PCA...

SP Repair Mask (For Damaged Hair)

US$ 39.65
An ultimate reparative treatment mask
Sale -24%

Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

US$ 74.10
US$ 97.50
An intensely repairing leave-in treatment mask for all hair types
Sale -10%

Deep Moist Hair Oil 100ml

US$ 26.65
US$ 29.90
A deep moisturizing hair oil for dry hair with split end
Sale -1%

Un.Tangled (Leave-In Conditioner)

US$ 48.10
US$ 48.75
A detangling leave-in conditioner
Sale -41%

Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask 150ml/5oz

US$ 125.45
US$ 214.50
An intensely repairing leave-in treatment mask for all hair types

Invigo Nutri Enrich With Goji Berry Deep Nourishing Mask 500ml/16.9oz

US$ 44.85
A deep nourishing hair mask that especially designed to treat dry & damaged hair

Density System 1 Scalp Therapy Conditioner (Natural Hair, Light Thinning)

US$ 76.70
An ultimate conditioner for natural hair with light thinning
Sale -60%

BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Treatment (For Coloured Hair)

US$ 15.60
US$ 39.00
An intensive creamy hydrator for colour-treated hair
Sale -16%
Diego Dalla Palma Milano

Orgoglioriccio No-Frizz Shaping Shampoo (For Curly & Frizzy Hair)

US$ 19.50
US$ 23.40
An elasticizing & frizz-controlling shampoo for curly & frizzy hair
Sale -7%

Smooth.Again Anti-Frizz Treatment (Style Control / Smoothing Lotion)

US$ 57.85
US$ 62.40
A leave-in treatment for thick & unruly hair
Sale -22%

Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Detangling Fluid (Dry Hair)

US$ 24.05
US$ 31.20
A lightweight moisturizing leave-in treatment for dry hair

Herb Smooth Shampoo 440ml

US$ 30.55
A balancing shampoo for oily or flat hair
Sale -5%

Densifique Homme Hair Density, Quality and Fullness Activator Program 30x6ml...

US$ 221.00
US$ 232.70
A scalp treatment for men experiencing thinning hair concerns

Cleargain Clarifying Shampoo (For Men) 300ml/10.1oz

US$ 44.85
An anti-dandruff, antibacterial, clarifying & anti-hair loss shampoo for men

Cool Deo Scalp Shampoo (For Men) 400ml

US$ 29.25
A soothing & refreshing shampoo for men with greasy scalp
The Ordinary

Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density 60ml/2oz

US$ 37.05
A lightweight serum for fuller, healthier-looking hair
Sale -14%

Elixir Ultime Le Masque Sublimating Oil Infused Masque (Dull Hair)

US$ 75.40
US$ 88.40
A beautifying & sublimating oil masque for dull hair
Sale -35%

Hair Rituel by Sisley Revitalizing Fortifying Serum (For The Scalp) 60ml/2oz

US$ 180.05
US$ 279.50
An intensive treatment serum for the scalp
Sale -34%

Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Conditioner with Cotton Proteins 200ml/6.7oz

US$ 70.85
US$ 107.90
A fragrant re-structuring conditioner
Sale -0%

Chronologiste Huile De Parfum Fragrance-In-Oil (Length and Ends) 100ml/3.4oz

US$ 92.30
US$ 92.95
An intensely-fragranced hair oil for lengths & ends
Sale -28%

Hair Rituel by Sisley Soothing Anti-Dandruff Cure with Intense Rebalancing...

US$ 116.35
US$ 163.80
A rebalancing, soothing anti-dandruff treatment for scalp

Frizz Dismiss Anti-Static Oil Mist 125ml/4.2oz

US$ 48.75
A leave-in treatment for frizzy hair
Sale -3%

Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo

US$ 47.45
US$ 49.40
A repairing & strengthening shampoo. Features a vegan, 90% naturally derived formula. Gently removes excess sebum, product build-up & pollution....
Sale -2%

SP Balance Scalp Mask (Gently Cares For Scalp and Hair)

US$ 53.30
US$ 54.60
An intense balancing treatment mask for sensitive scalps
Sale -18%

PhytoCyane Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (For Men) 12x3.5ml/0.11oz

US$ 59.15
US$ 72.15
A triple efficacy treatment that treats hair loss & stimulates the growth of thicker hair

Hydrating Therapy Conditioner

US$ 26.65
A moisture-rich conditioner
Sale -25%
Macadamia Natural Oil

Professional Nourishing Repair Conditioner (Medium to Coarse Textures)

US$ 25.35
US$ 33.80
A nourishing, hydrating & replenishing conditioner

Conditioner For Beautiful Color

US$ 260.65
A lavish, restorative conditioner to prolong the life of color-treated hair
Original Sprout

Classic Collection Leave-In Conditioner 354ml/12oz

US$ 44.85
A vegan, lightweight leave-in conditioner
Sale -17%
Leonor Greyl

L'Huile De Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil 95ml/3.2oz

US$ 64.35
US$ 78.00
A pre-shampoo treatment oil for thirsty & over-processed tresses

Moisture Repair Shampoo (For Weakened and Damaged Hair)

US$ 35.75
A creamy foaming shampoo to repair chemically damaged hair

Blonde.Angel Colour Enhancing Treatment (For Blonde Hair)

US$ 57.20
A color enhancing hair treatment for blonde or grey hair

Maxi.Wash (Detox Shampoo - For Coloured Hair)

US$ 46.15
A detoxifying shampoo for colored hair
Sale -15%

Radiance Argan Mask

US$ 24.05
US$ 28.60
An intensive vegan hair care treatment that restores hair’s beauty
Sale -22%

Dual Senses Color Extra Rich 60SEC Treatment (Luminosity For Coarse Hair)

US$ 22.75
US$ 29.25
An instant regenerative treatment for normal to coarse color-treated hair

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